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Taking Web 2.0 and the power of online interaction to the next level

Interaction builds communities. Communities keep users engaged. Customers, partners, suppliers, and employees…they all want to be heard and to feel empowered. They want a voice. And your Web presence offers a perfect place for each of these groups of peer influencers to find one.

Social media drives participation and collaboration

Today Web visitors have come to expect a more engaging online experience filled with rich content, Web 2.0 features, and the enhanced capabilities of video and personalization. Your Web site should give them a place to become part of a community and actively participate.

A rich online social media experience can:

  • Increase Customer Loyalty—Draw users back to your site again and again.
  • Enhance Brand Awareness—Give them a forum to express themselves and share opinions.
  • Control Customer Costs—Provide two-way interaction to increase customer satisfaction and lower help desk costs.
  • Enhance Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing—Give teams a way to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Zillion provides an engaging Web experience

The Zillion Social Media Solution makes it possible for you to enhance your Web presence and enable user-generated content, both inside and outside the firewall, with our integrated, enterprise product offerings. In addition to common Web 2.0 features such as blogs, wikis, forums, ratings, reviews, and tags, Zillion takes social media even further.

Tapping years of success helping global customers launch compelling Web experiences, Zillion has created a complete, enterprise level social media solution that can reach far across your online presence to help you create compelling Web sites and powerful social microsites. Zillion combines:

  • Comprehensive elements of Web 2.0 functionality
  • Power of video
  • Targeting of personalization and social search
  • Intelligence of analytics
  • Flexibility and simplicity of rapid, social microsite creation
  • Integration with Web content management

Zillion delivers a comprehensive, integrated solution

Why piece together a number of solutions from disparate vendors to make your Web more social? Unlike niche providers with point products or companies that offer limited Web 2.0 functionality, Zillion provides a comprehensive, integrated enterprise-class social media solution. With Zillion Social Media, your Web experience platform is complete!