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According to CRM magazine, mobile applications market will reach $9 billion by 2011. Todayís end- consumers learned to love mobile technologies, but businesses can benefit from them in many ways as well. Mobile applications can play critical role during business routine decision making, allowing to make:

  • BETTER informed decisions on the spot
  • FASTER decisions with all information available
  • SHORTER core process cycles in such areas as logistics, sales and many others.

As mobile applications have become common place, spanning over the entertainment industry, business applications and LBS, Zillionís expertise in mobile solutions has put the company on the technology marketís radar as one of the best outsourcing providers of high quality mobile software for both consumer and enterprise clients. Zillionís impressive record in developing software for Telecommunications industry helps us to identify potential communication problems in mobile applications and to find optimal solutions.

Zillion has extensive expertise in the development of handset software for business and entertainment consumer markets, with skills ranging from production and management of multimedia data on handsets, to the implementation of full-scale solutions that include complicated server-side modules.

Areas of Mobile Solutions Expertise

  • Video and audio streaming for mobile devices
  • Multimedia content provision over Bluetooth
  • Push e-mail implementation
  • GPS/LBS based applications for navigation and traffic control
  • Field reporting
  • Stock market watch
  • IP telephony for mobile devices

Zillion provides software development services for the following mobile platforms:

  • Windows
  • J2ME
  • BlackBerry
  • Google Android
  • iPhone

Zillion is equipped to provide your business with the kind of mobile solutions that can really help you push towards your goals. Contact us today for more information or to get started.