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Finding the right person for a technical opening can be fairly arduous. There are many applicants with their own sets of qualifications that need to be screened and gone through. All of this takes valuable time and resources that could be better used elsewhere. Instead, one can free up that time to put towards achieving their goals while letting Zillion find the right talent to handle your job.

Zillion is able to provide Near shore, Offshore, and Onsite professionals for many technical functions. A wide range of options are available to fit your specific circumstances. Skilled professionals are available for blocks of time or even in the long-term. This provides a great way for you to get to know the professional without making the commitment of full employment and meet your business goals.

The professionals of Zillion are able to offer staffing in the following areas and more;

Product Management - Utilizing a Product Management specialist can help you get an idea of your product’s lifecycle, analyze competitive markets, and stay in line with industry standards. A well thought out and researched product plan can extend the lifecycle of the product and give you a better idea of what to expect down the road.

Program Management - Attaining one’s goals is often done through perseverance and planning. Attempting to plan several projects and keep them running fluidly is a difficult job to do in addition to normal responsibilities. A program management specialist can help keep those projects running smoothly while you handle other responsibilities of your business.

Project Management Office (PMO) - Organizations that have several projects in development may appreciate the increased efficiency a PMO can provide in matching the scope of the project while completing them on budget and on time. The PMO develops standards and strategies that are applied to the projects of the company. They can help enact cost saving measures, increase efficiency, improve safety, and put many departments on the same page. Standards are often derived from accepted methodologies such as PMBOK and PRINCE2.

Development - The development of IT-related hardware and software is a continuous process. Sometimes there are lulls in related productivity or the need for immediate personnel for project surges. Offshore, nearshore, or onsite Development professionals can help you stay on schedule with minimal interference. Our professionals are well trained to stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments across a variety of disciplines.

Testing - The need for skilled testers can range from full-time to project-based. Professional testers can provide much needed assistance in the form of white box, black box, and automated testing. Black box testing will put your software through its intended paces to ensure it functions as expected. A knowledgeable professional conducting white box testing on your software will ensure that the mechanics of the coding are sound and efficient. Our professionals can fill the role of automated testers by developing programs to perform mass tests of your software’s functionality.