Zillion Systems LLC


Company services

Services Overview

Developing a solid understanding of what a consultation firm really is offering you boils down to a look at their services. There are some providers that attempt to slide a true understanding of these things past their partners. We at Zillion feel that is not a good approach for building a trustworthy relationship with those that partner with us. Your understanding of what services you are receiving, what is being done on your behalf, and transparency provide you the freedom to really see the value you are receiving.

Business Architecture

Not having the right staffing onboard for your project can lead to increased inefficiency and delays on meeting your goals. Zillion takes the busy work out of finding the right person for your opening. We are able to provide knowledgeable professionals for Onsite, Near-shore and Offshore technical projects. Various areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following; Product Management, Program Management, Project Management Office, Dev, Test, Support, and System Analyst.

Business Modeling

Enhancing and nurturing the core competency of a business is one of many ways to help it grow and expand. The knowledge of that core function can sometimes stand differently than the processes supporting it. The consultants of Zillion can help you ferret out the inefficiencies and hang ups that are preventing you from attaining your business goals. A fresh set of eyes on a problem that are trained to locate it can help make quick work of finding and enacting a solution. Consultation services range from management, to analysis, to technological, or even protecting and projecting future trends for your business.

Financial & Operational Excellence

Information Technology is a major component of business and society today. One integral problem with the process is keeping your technology and processes up-to-date and consistent with industry standards. Zillion provides a repository of professionals who are governed by industry-accepted standards to provide the centralized support you need to meet your goals. We provide centralized IT functions and support for a number of services, industries, and entities.

Program Management Office

All the innovative technology in the world does not mean much without a streamlined process for communication. Zillion not only provides solutions for a variety of functions, but also to handle the technicalities of such aspects as network communications. Remotely operated systems do not provide much benefit if they are not kept compatible with one another, a job that can be more difficult with the addition of more outlying satellites.