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Enterprise Solutions

Zillion has been implementing, upgrading, customizing, and integrating ERP applications and technologies across several industries. Our clients attribute their loyalty to several reasons: we offer a holistic approach that blends the expertise of our technology and management consultants to meet the unique needs of each client. Our expertise spans the full range of ERP products. And, we provide thought leadership and best practice insight on critical business issues ranging from corporate accountability to business process optimization. In short, we have that extra something you're looking for in your implementation partner.


Zillion provides the strategic planning expertise to successfully align your organization's people, processes, and technologies for maximum performance. Our visioning service provides an objective perspective on what your organization is trying to become and how the intelligent application of technology can help you get there. Before starting a big project, our goal alignment guidance will ensure that stakeholders share the same expectations and measurements of success.

Business Process Optimization

Your software is only as effective as your business processes. Once our consultants have evaluated your business goals and processes, we'll craft and implement actionable strategic recommendations. This includes streamlining processes as well as eliminating redundancies and non-value-added work so that your organization can take full advantage of your system's functionality. Our approach leverages both functional and industry best practices and organizational improvements, which we carefully integrate with performance measurements to drive continuous progress.

Change Management

Your software implementation can only succeed if your employees understand it and are not threatened by it. In fact, to truly leverage your ERP technology, your employees must embrace the changes. Our change management experts guide you through process improvements, implementations, and upgrades. We integrate our proven methods of education, process and system training, and incentive program evaluation with a customized communication plan so that every user excels with the improved systems.

Implementation Services

Zillion consultants are seasoned implementation experts, with in-depth knowledge of the ERP products they implement. Much of our success can be attributed to our flexible approach -- we adapt our proven methodology to meet your organization's goals and schedules. In addition, Zillion experience spans all ERP product lines, including Human Resources Management, Financials, Business Metrics Development, CRM, and Supply Chain Management. And, it includes portals, which are quickly becoming the preferred choice of GUI interfaces. We're also adept at sizing and tuning ERP system infrastructures to meet proven benchmarks and best practices as well as seamlessly integrating with third-party systems. In short, Zillion offers all the technology skills and expertise critical to building an optimal enterprise. Equally important, we deliver implementations on time and on budget. This all translates to peak performance and lower cost of ownership for our clients.

Upgrade Services

Using our proven upgrade methodology, Zillion has helped to minimize costs for clients, we structure engagements to complement their internal capabilities and required level of external support. So, Zillion can meet your staffing needs regardless of your organization's goals or the complexity of the upgrade project including the size of the database, the number of modules, and the number of customizations. In fact, at the start of the upgrade project, we'll help you assess where customizations may be required and where we can implement new functionality instead. Then, if required, we can perform the customization work for you. In addition, Zillion will assess your ERP web infrastructure and ensure that you've optimally sized and prepared the required hardware. Our expertise adds up to a highly efficient and effective upgrade project for you.