Zillion Systems LLC



Retail Industry

The professionals at Zillion understand the importance of efficient performance to help meet your retail goals. The highly computerized nature of the retail industry sees many avenues for potential gains or losses with that information. Minimizing shrink is a goal that every retailer should have. A large part of shrink is lost, misplaced, or otherwise absent paperwork. Much of that paperwork can now be stored electronically away in secured IT systems, accessible from multiple locations.

Zillionís professionals can help define business processes. Demand planning & inventory management and IT solutions without the need to have an in-house IT team. The time you save on trying to figure it out yourself; particularly if something goes wrong, can instead be invested back into your primary goals.

Electronic management of retail functions can improve functionality, increase performance, and provide plenty of options where previous limitations existed. Up-to-date security and back up procedures help to protect the safety of any information.

-Associate needs to access a clientís information in the field? Access it anywhere with a log in and some key strokes.

-Want to centralize company information for access from multiple locations? No need to call around for record when they are all accessible from a database.

-Inventory not being maintained or forecasted correctly? Zillion can help define the business process and introduce inventory management to avoid shortage of inventory.

Zillion is equipped to examine your goals and find the most efficient solution to help you reach them. Many companies are making use of centralized information and processes to help improve the effectiveness of their operation. Putting your IT needs into the hands of Zillionís professionals frees up valuable time and resources better spent on your businessís core competency. We make it simple for you to see, track, and request different services including, but not limited to the following:

  • Point Of Sales Systems
  • Account Management
  • Data Ware-Housing
  • Electronic Payment Processing
  • Billing and Account Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom Software Development
  • Workforce Management Systems
  • Loss Prevention Functions
  • Performance Management Systems

If you do not see the service listed above that you are interested in, feel free to contact us today to discuss your goals. We strive to provide innovative solutions to any possible retail IT function. Look no further than Zillion for an IT partner as passionate about your goals as you.