Zillion Systems LLC




Zillion is able to provide service and sound partnership across a variety of industries that make extensive use of Information Technology. We are proud to be able to provide knowledgeable professionals and service to help you meet your goals in the following industries.


The centralization of school records or streamlining processes can help save many man hours that could instead be put towards other goals. Technology can bring students and teachers together in various locations to provide educational opportunities that might not have otherwise been possible. Zillion is also able to provide professionals who can develop and test custom applications to help you attain your educational goals.


It is no big secret that Information Technology is an all important part of the financial industry. Providing secure transactions and record keeping is an important part of any financial organizationís operations. Ensuring all ends of that process function smoothly together is integral for providing consistent and informed service.


Increased costs of care make health an important field to strive for efficiency in. Providing good, knowledgeable care to patients in a timely fashion will help keep resources free to continue to provide meaningful gains in other areas. For Non-Profit organizations this can be an even greater consideration as they typically lack the budget that other entities have.


Retail is an industry that requires a lot of processes to work in relative harmony to maintain efficiency. A centralized point-of-sale ordering system can help a business track their sales, trends, and place orders automatically. Using electronic processes for these activities can help reduce shrink significantly since such a large percentage of it is from paperwork issues.


Zillion is able to provide a number of services in the telecommunications industry with great efficiency. Optimizing services and content delivery can help a business offer a great competitive package for their customers. Centralization of services can alleviate many of the inefficiencies that come with a broader scope.