Zillion Systems LLC


About Us

Working at Zillion

Software applications development and systems integration services form the interface between the client and the engineer. Connecting the dots into a seamless, cohesive, and effective solution is as much an art as it is a science. Each client is unique and has specific goals for their business. Software services must necessarily be flexible, reliable, and adaptable to an ever-changing business environment, which is fuelling the need for more engineers to keep pace with both existing and emerging industry demands. Where demand exists, career opportunities develop to meet the need.

The workplace of today and tomorrow is filled with a great many companies and opportunities. Staying competitive means more than simply being able to provide a great service to one’s customers. One must have the right people involved with their company to carry it into the future. Zillion knows our future and the future satisfaction of our customers lay with every member of our team. Therefore, we are here to enable your growth into this career field and provide the tools you need to be successful.

*Do you…

  • Realize that the people servicing customers have the greatest impact?
  • Enjoy trying to find solutions to complex problems?
  • Like to pursue the constant expansion of your knowledge base?
  • Enjoy the thrill of a challenge to be explored and overcome?
  • Revel in the commitment you make to your customers to exceed their expectations?

These are the kind of qualities that help determine if one will make a great member of the Zillion family. We certainly value other qualities and are not suggesting this is a definite list. These things reflect our core values. If they resonate strongly with you, then Zillion may be worth a hard look.

Benefits and Compensation

Zillion knows that to attract the best and brightest, the company must provide a professional face and competitive reimbursement. We know how competitive the world of consulting and IT is. To really pull ahead of the pack, a company needs to have bright minds servicing their customers and guiding their business.

*We Offer…

  • Competitive compensation for your skills and contributions.
  • Benefits to help fray those extra medical costs for you and your family.
  • Contributions towards your future retirement through different means.
  • The opportunity to work in an environment where you are able to constantly learn.

Long-Term Growth

The great thing about the consultation and systems field is that there is constant demand. Businesses will always be looking for ways to cut costs, improve efficiency, and service their customers better. Our ability to help our customers add to their bottom line will directly translate into not only personal success but Zillion’s success. Zillion looks to provide the kind of atmosphere where each of our team members can flourish and provide great service to our customers. Enabling that methodology will allow us to continue to offer great service and move confidently into the future.