Zillion Systems LLC


About Us

Core Values

Every company is founded on certain ideals that were important to the founders. Many are seated deep in service to their customers or to a particular ideal. It is difficult to pinpoint what separates the good from great companies. Zillion believes it is all in a matter of approach. What good is a great product if you do not have the people to back it up? What good is having great people without a great product? We feel that these key points must be nurtured together to provide the kind of exceptional service we want you to expect and grow accustomed to.

People First

Many businesses overlook the primary building block of service oriented industries. That block is the people involved. Our customers and employees are the ones that have to come first to exceed your expectations. Processes and policies are all well, good, and serve their purpose. It is the people involved that will ultimately be enacting or using them. Our dedication is to ensuring each customer knows they are important to us by providing personalized, valuable service through our personnel.

Ethical Business

Nothing can be worse in the business than to develop a negative reputation. Ethical business to Zillion entails transparency and a clear method of operation. If we make a mistake or a misstep you will know about it. Ethical action is about what a person does when others are not around. We back that up by not trying to pass responsibility on our mistakes made. Inevitably, everyone will eventually make a mistake. Pretending that perfection is an everyday occurrence is a ludicrous belief. Zillion believes that handling those mistakes with openness, honesty, and transparency is the key to solid business relationships.

Problem Solving and Innovation

The world of technology is a fast paced one. Zillion understands that staying competitive means solving your problems in a timely fashion and innovating on new ideas. Custom made applications or systems for your business can help bring your costs down by providing more efficiency. Innovation and the ability to adapt to a number of different circumstances are two key points we wish to press about Zillion. They are completely necessary to stay ahead in the software business.

Get More for Less

The bottom line is that all important measure of how well the business is doing. The fact of the matter is, we are not satisfied unless we are helping you add to your bottom line. Addressing inefficiencies in your business processes and providing custom solutions to your issues will help us to meet your goals. Passing that value on will help you reduce your costs and provide a more efficient service to each one of your clients.